What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), affects a person’s ability to pay attention, sit still, or control their impulses. While there are 3 main categorizations, people are unique and their behaviors vary. This is why a consultation with an experienced ADHD doctor is critical in obtaining the right diagnosis and treatment.

Often miscategorized, ADHD is so much more than not listening or being forgetful. It is a pattern of behavior that occurs before the age of 7 and persists. Left untreated, ADHD can have a negative impact on one’s personal and professional life, so it is important to seek help. Children who suffer from ADHD do not have to be victims to their symptoms. With Dr. Dawn’s compassionate approach, ADHD children can regain control of their self-esteem and behaviors.

ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Booking a consultation with one of the nation’s leading experts is the first step in finding answers. There are many ADHD doctors in Houston, but Dr. Dawn Brown is unique. She was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder while finishing her child psychiatry fellowship program. She has made it her mission to promote awareness and to provide ADHD treatment that addresses the whole individual, not just their symptoms.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Brown will assess your child’s condition and provide recommendations for effective treatment. From neuropsychological testing to cognitive behavioral therapy to medication management, Dr. Brown will determine the best ways to treat your child’s ADHD. Every step of the way, you will feel empowered with the knowledge that your child is receiving the very best care in Houston.

What is Neurological Testing?

ADHD diagnosis is complex. An expert ADD or ADHD doctor could use many different methods to determine the severity of the disorder. Most consultations will start with a few questions to evaluate the challenges and stressors of the child. Yet even the most talented ADHD therapist in Houston will seek out a more objective approach.

Neurological testing is not always required for an accurate ADHD diagnosis in Houston, but it does provide additional insight into the physical factors of the disorder, and more importantly, can rule out other conditions that may appear similar to ADHD.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

There is a common misconception that ADHD is treatable only with a variety of medications and stimulant solutions. While these are effective in reducing the severity of ADHD symptoms, they do not correct behaviors. For younger children, especially those under the age of 6, this behavioral approach may be more effective.

When a child suffers from impulsivity and lack of attentiveness due to ADHD, adjusting the way they think about their feelings and behavior can change the way they act. Understanding that the behavior is problematic and then knowing what to do to counteract detrimental actions are two big components of this kind of treatment, which has shown much promise in terms of effectiveness. Sometimes cognitive behavioral therapy for ADHD children is accompanied by medication in a more a comprehensive treatment approach.

As one of the top ADHD coaches in Houston, Dr. Brown believes that treatment is never black and white. There are varying shades to improving the colorful nature of a child’s life. That is why she employs a variety of treatment methods, from behavior therapy to non-stimulant solutions to medication. Along the way, she reinforces the importance of strong family bonds, healthy diet, and a consistent routine that includes exercise. Treating the whole child is essential to shaping positive attitudes and behaviors.

Meet the MD with ADHD

As one of the most-sought after ADHD doctors in Houston, Dr. Dawn Brown is an innovator in the field of ADHD therapy. Often called the “MD with ADHD,” she personally understands the impact this disorder can have on your self-esteem, your performance at school or work, and your relationships.

Dr. Brown’s proprietary process is a proven method that effectively transforms a child’s ability to manage their symptoms. Because she emphasizes the importance of building strong family relationships, Dr. Brown is more like an ADHD coach in Houston that motivates you to fight for the betterment of your child. Her center for ADHD in Houston is nationally recognized

With effective treatment, ADHD children can perform at the highest level, achieving everything they want out of life. They can reach their goals, live with passion, and find success. Empower yourself and your child to take control and regain their confidence with effective ADHD therapy. From proper diagnosis, lifestyle changes, medicine management, non-stimulant solutions and beyond, our approach to total ADHD optimization is driven by one belief: ADHD does not have to be a disability.

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