There are several websites and organizations focused on helping children and their parents cope with childhood ADHD, but what about the adults? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 4 percent of the adult US population has ADHD, but less than 20 percent of these adults have been diagnosed or treated, and even less than that seek help.

We’ve gathered a list of 6 valuable resources that help inform individuals about what an adult life with ADHD can look like, how to manage the symptoms, and how to spread awareness so others can seek help. These 5 sources add important contributions to the adult ADHD community by helping spread awareness, providing coping strategies, and giving insight to people who haven’t experienced ADHD.

A Dose of Healthy Distraction is a personal blog gone podcast committed to helping women struggling with ADHD. Liz Lewis offers insight on dealing with ADHD while raising children, working, and maintaining a healthy marriage. She speaks out about her struggles and solutions in order to empower other women to help stop the stigma that surrounds an ADHD lifestyle. Her podcast “See in ADHD” let’s listeners learn through guests’ stories about how they manage and overcome.

ADDitude is an entire site dedicated to revealing the ADHD mind. They have a section devoted to adults that provides helpful information on how to overcome the adult tasks and responsibilities that ADHD makes difficult. Posts are written by professional coaches and doctors, and cover topics like getting things done, relationships, and health and nutrition.

ADHD Roller Coaster

On, author Gina Pera hosts a collection of personal essays, tools, and strategies for managing symptoms, and news or research connected to ADHD. Her mission is to “raise awareness and treatment standards” by helping individuals understand this chronic condition in depth. She specializes in synthesizing information from various sources to create comprehensive articles, making connections between ADHD and other aspects of life like sleep, sex, and learning. Gina does not have a PhD or MD but has worked closely with doctors and industry professionals throughout the years.

How to ADHD

How to ADHD is a YouTube channel created by Jessica McCabe filled with “tips, strategies, and insights into ADHD from her own personal experiences”. Jessica opens up about medication, relationships, perfectionism, anger, and all the unpleasant things that can come with ADHD. She covers “how-tos” on finding a therapist, decluttering, creating a routine and everything in between. The videos are short, entertaining, and perceptive and they make it easy for individuals with ADHD to share with others that might not understand how the condition affects their loved ones.

Totally ADD is a valuable website created by Rick Green, an award-winning adult ADD awareness advocate from the entertainment industry. The site covers not only the basic FAQs but also the everyday details of living and coping with ADHD. Rick has ADHD himself and contributors either share this diagnosis or are directly affected by ADHD. Resources are put together with careful consideration from experts, personal experience, and a touch of humor.


Dan Gissane created to give special insight into an entrepreneurial ADHD brain. Lessons on how to succeed in life and business can be found in video, audio, and text format, making it easy to choose what works best for the ADHD business owner. The website is filled with valuable advice from ADHD coaches, authors, business owners, and doctors on how to manage symptoms and still run a business. Dan also offers coaching and courses to help take your business to the next level.